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I Stopped Writing Daily To Start Writing Professionally

Minh-Phuc Tran
3 min readNov 3, 2019


Years ago, I wanted to become a blogger writing articles, sharing my knowledge and experience to people but didn’t make it. About 3 months ago, to change that I challenged myself writing 100 daily posts in 100 consecutive days to build up writing habit for myself. I made it 80 posts without missing a day and it was fun. However, I decided to stop the challenge now but not to stop writing. I stop writing daily to start writing less but more effectively and professionally producing higher quality articles.

In this article, I’m sharing my experience during the last 80 days writing daily posts, what’s good and bad and why I decided to stop it soon and switch to writing less.

Writing daily is challenging and fun

Writing daily posts while having a full-time job is very challenging, it’s not easy at all but doable and fun.

Writing and publishing daily took me about 2 hours a day. It means that I had to work 2 more hours everyday afterwork, which was stressful. However, writing daily helped me have a goal and finish it everyday. Achieving a goal everyday is always very enjoyable. It made me feel better, see myself living a better life and using my time more wisely. I created something useful everyday instead of watching non-sense videos or playing video games.

Although it’s challenging, keep writing daily for about two months, I got used to with it. I didn’t feel stressful spending time for it, I felt like writing is part of my life, which is what I wanted from the very beginning — building up writing habit for myself. Indeed, writing daily made me a writer.

Writing daily won’t help become a professional writer

Although, writing daily helped me become a writer, but not a professional writer, whose articles are always in quality.

In the beginning, I was doing pretty well, my articles were good and received a lot of appreciations from people. It’s because I’d already had couples of ideas to write.

However, writing more and more daily posts put pressure on myself about ideas. It made me feel like I was running out of ideas, but it wasn’t. It was because I had no time to prepare for my writing and think about the ideas. With that pressure, there were a lot of articles that I wrote in hurry and the results were completely sh*t. It doesn’t make sense at all to keep writing articles that are bad and have no value to readers, so I decided to stop.

Additionally, writing daily took too much time for me to think about ways and places to share my articles and get exposure.

In conclusion, writing daily is good to build up writing habits, it helps make you a writer. But writing daily for a long time creates too much pressure about topics and ideas to keep up producing good articles. Two months is a reasonable amount of time that you should write daily to set yourself a writer’s mind. Then, you gotta think about an actual writing plan to be professional, which involves ideas, topics backlog, designing, writing, curating, editing and publishing workflow.



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