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You’re Bored, Unmotivated, Lazy And Lost. Try This to Change Your Life!

Minh-Phuc Tran


5 years ago, I was a loser, frankly. I was bored and lazy, I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid of going out, I just stayed at home, kept watching non-sense videos and playing video games all days. It’s all because I didn’t have a confidence. I worried that I would mess thing up when I tried new thing because I was so bad at everything. I worried that if I had kept showing to people, they, someday, would know that I wasn’t really good at anything.

Everything has changed since I found my confidence. I had joined a competition and unintentionally was admired by people around my area. From that, I knew what I was good at and what I should focus on to develop myself. Then, confidence drove my life, I felt awesome doing things that I was good at. I loved going around and talking to people because they admired and loved my sharing. I have never felt lazy or bored since then. Confidence drove confidences, too. While I was developing my confidence, I faced new challenges, new skill set to practice. Practice makes perfect, I soon found new confidences. Keep going with that pattern, my life keeps going up.

Find a thing you’re good at. Develop it.

A lot of people are good at something but they just don’t recognize it. Find something that people admire you for or say you’re good at. Go ask your mom, your grandparents, your teachers or your friends. They’d probably say you’re good at something, ask them how good you’re. Remember to ask right people and only consider right advices. It doesn’t make sense to ask your gamer friends and they say that you excel in playing video games.

When you know what you’re good at and how good you’re. Develop your strength until you feel even more confident. Then, show it to more and more people, try to get more and more recognitions. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t showing up. Getting recognition always makes you feel better and motivates you to develop even a lot more. Cleverly showing your advantages to get people’s feedback, which helps you know what to do next. It isn’t a confidence, either, if you don’t show your strength to people.

Be confident, developing and getting cognition then developing even more and getting even more recognition, this loop will make your days busy, useful and interesting.

You aren’t good at anything. Make what you love what you’re good at.

Not all of people are born good at something. There’re cases, you aren’t good at anything, really. But it isn’t the end of your life. Make what you love what you’re good at! You definitely have to love something. Choose a thing that you find valuable and useful, then practice it.

At first, it would be difficult because you aren’t confident. Don’t show your practice to people just yet. Be audience of yourself first. Set a target for yourself that when you reach it, you can show it to people. For example, you’re practicing singing, find a friend that he’s confident singing in front of people and get admirations for, practice until you see yourself somewhere near him. This stage isn’t fun, but you have a target and things to do in your mind everyday when you get up, it helps make your days busy and useful.

Showing your practice to people should be done slowly and gradually, too. After you yourself find your practice okay, show it to your very close relatives first, whom you aren’t going to feel wrong receiving a bad feedback from. Because at this time, there’s nothing guaranteeing that you’re good at what you’re practicing but you, there’re a lot of chances that you’ll receive bad feedback. Don’t say that receiving bad feedback is okay, be honest, please! Receiving bad feedback is always very painful and if it’s too bad, a guy can even be driven to stop doing what he has been practicing for.

Based on the feedback, keep practicing, developing it and show it to more and more people until it’s always a lot of good feedback compared to bad feedback. You’re now good at something.

Confidence motivates and drives your life

When you find yourself a confidence, you instinctually know what to do everyday. Doing what you’re good at is just awesome. Doing and improving your confidence not only makes you days busy, useful and beautiful but also drives your life to a better and better place eventually.

As Niklas Göke said in this awesome blog, people aren’t lazy or bored or not motivated, they are just afraid of trying. Confidence helps eliminate fears and therefore motivates and drives your life.

Confidence drives confidences

It happens naturally that you feel confident about a thing, you feel relatively confident about similar or relevant things. Then, you’re willing to try and practice them, which soon leads to new confidences. It’s always a lot easier and more natural that confidences are built up from a base confidence instead of from zero. Therefore, if you manage to set up yourself your first confidence, your personal development will keep going naturally and you will gain more and more confidences eventually.



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